Monday, October 16, 2006

Cuban Treefrogs

Fish and Wildlife determined the tadpoles pictured are Cuban Treefrogs due to the black flecked tail and the translucent belly in which you can see the intestines. The Cuban Treefrogs are bad news in Florida, where they've hurt native populations by taking up resources and, well, by eating the other frogs. So sadly we had to get rid of the tadpoles - we were looking forward to seeing them metamorphose. They'll be food for the mice I suppose.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What kind of tadpoles are these?

Fish and Wildlife doesn't seem to know what kind of tadpoles these are exactly either. The only factor known for sure is that they are a type of treefrog, due to their lateral eyes. The smaller ones here in the photo are about 1/4 inch including the tail.


It was always curious as to what exactly effects artists were looking at so critically in Animation. Besides the normal visual eye candy, occasionally, daily activities present visual interest for us non-EFX minded folk. I always thought Mucha and Leyendecker were stylizing their smoke/steam effects, but it really does seem to have a strong design element to it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

some tadpoles

Found some tadpoles in the fountain...They might be Cope's Gray Treefrogs. Hopefully they're not the invasive Cuban Treefrogs which seem to be taking over the native species. But even these tadpoles, whatever they are, end up eating each other when some grow faster than others. Still waiting to hear what Fish and Wildlife have to say...