Tuesday, January 08, 2008

study #2 for "Happy Holidays"

A tonal study for part of painting tentatively titled, "Happy Holidays." It probably won't be finished before class starts at the end of January . It was tempting to do this digitally instead, as I had been doing some notes for a class digitally, but it's bothersome to put work into something that would disappear without electricity.


David Malan said...

Beautiful work. the figure drawings are fantastic, I would love to see more.
FYI most of the pictures link to the jpg files but then it wont let me return to this main sight, I have to go back to the refering sight to get back in.(I'm using explorer)

david said...

Hello Mr. Malan,

Thanks for the support(!) and for the tech note. Great work at your site by the way. I'll have to troubleshoot the tech problem sometime. I'm teaching some online classes which eat up all my time at the moment, so please be patient.