Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

drawing notes for class

Besides typing a lot of comments on drawings for the AAU, I occasionally make visual notes such as these. Between typing and making these, there's not much time left for anything.

Since my site is down, this is an excuse to post old works

Here's a few old drawings from my former website ( which is no longer (webhost company went downhill). After a drawing session there's always a period of cringing when looking back at the work... Hoping for a day when that doesn't happen, or at least not so often. The bottom drawing was from Lee Ballard's quick study workshop. It was actually a 3 or 5 min drawing, but I added a little more tone to it from memory later on. The middle drawing was from a workshop I was running while teaching on site at the AAU. That was about a 25-30 min drawing if I recall correctly. The drawing on top was a 15 min pose at one of the drawing workshops at Disney, Florida. I was working on Nani at the time, and the model had some similar design features. We were in overtime at the time, so after the workshops, it was back to Clean-up for a few more hours.