Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sumo: 1994 - 2008

Rest in peace, Sumo...

He was a great, goofy dog (part Lab, part Shar-Pei) and made for some good times. A fondest recent memory was of Sumo holding onto a bone treat, walking around and wagging his tail for a several minutes as he was too giddy to sit down and actually eat it just yet. In his later years he took up so much of our schedules that it's really difficult to even get through part of the day without remembering him and all the goofiness that he added.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of Sumo, the Lab-Shar-Pei, alumnus of
the Marin Humane Society. It makes us feel so good knowing our dogs go to loving homes that see them through their transition to their next life. Bless you for making Sumo's life so joyful.

Martha, MHS volunteer

david mar said...

Hello Martha,

Glad you enjoyed the pics of Sumo and thank you for the sentiments. I also wanted to thank the foster mom who took care of Sumo before we had him - she made Sumo a little easier to handle... Thanks again for all the good work you're doing there at the Marine Humane Society.

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