Thursday, September 04, 2008

Portrait of Dad (Art and Technology)


Grant Alexander said...

Wow David. Your work is very humbling. I've known for sometime how skillful and thoughtful you are as an artist, but seeing some of the few works you've posted I'm truly and sincerely moved by your efforts.

Almost discouragingly so. I've felt somewhat adrift in my journey to find a focus and a voice as an artist.

Your level of craftsmanship and care is to be envied.

Great work David. It was nice to see you at Barbara's memorial.

david mar said...

Hey there Grant,

You're too kind Grant, but I don't mind. Thanks for the very nice words. Don't feel adrift over there Grant - you should be quite happy! nothing lasts forever anyhow, so stay focused on your current work!

Good seeing you too; keep up the good work.