Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Newshour 2006

You gotta love Yardeni's sentiment that if you yourself are doing okay, everything is alright in the world. He then goes on to remark that people are "stupid" to spend beyond their budgets without considering that perhaps people might end up spending beyond their budgets unwillingly - i.e., having to pay for medical expenses which are now being collected with interest by privately run debt collectors ( Hospitals Put Patients' Debt Up for Auction - WSJ.com )or because of someone being laid-off, etc. He also didn't consider that home prices may've been even lower than what was listed on paper because sellers were throwing in extras to sweeten the deal (No Bubble Trouble - Kiplinger.com )( popular incentives that might catch a home buyer's attention - MarketWatch) -no wonder this guy was wrong on Y2K.

Hoover Institution - Facts on Policy - Consumer Spending

A visual essay: post-recessionary employment growth related to the housing market

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