Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Sketches

A variety of sketches done during the break - from the local life drawing workshop and from a trip out to St. Augustine, where we visited our friends, the Morgans. Rich just started showing at the Worley Faver Gallery on Aviles Street. It's great that Rich is getting to show his work there as it's a very beautiful and relaxing gallery space. The pochade sketches are from the Fort Matanzas National Monument park. It was good to get out, even if it was scorchingly hot at the time - would've done more, but only had storage for 2 paintings and I forgot my sketchbook. The pochade box is from Open Box M - they're very nice folks over there and even accomodated my request for a slight tweak to their original palm box design. I think they currently offer various designs as options. Kind of pricey, but great products.


Rick Hoppe said...

Hi David,

I stumbled upon your site while searching for Jerome Witkin images. You are one kick-ass draftsman.

I was an character animator at Disney for over 20 years until Eisner decided the movie going public only wanted to see CG films.
Now that Pixar is in charge at Disney, Lassiter decided we should give traditional animation another try. I've been back at Disney the past year working on "The Princess and the Frog". Animation ends in two months, then????

After animation crunch ends, I'm looking forward to getting back into painting. I've got a strong vision of what my personal art will be.

You reference Witkin on your blog. Did you study with him? Also, I'm curious where you are teaching.

Keep posting your work. It's excellent!

Rick Hoppe

david mar said...

Hello Rick,

Thank you for your generous words there - too kind!

They'll probably keep hand drawn Animation around at least as a counterpoint to all of the 3D pictures. Though, the schedule will never be the same again. When the studio in FL closed, I was thinking that the position of "Animator," would end up being like live action actors - you'd have work for a time, and then you'd have to go back to a "regular" job.

As far as 3D pictures go, I always wondered when they were going to make some sort of movie that looked like it was a pen drawing. That'd be pretty ironic to spend all this money on computer equipment just so they could have a picture that looked like it was done with ink on paper.

No, I didn't study under Witkin. I did get to see several of his shows and listen to his lectures at openings. His shows at the Santa Clara Triton and at Fred Spratt's Gallery were very inspiring. Fred has since closed the gallery and is doing his own paintings- he had a show recently at the SJ Museum of Art.

I'm currently teaching online classes for the SF Academy of Art. After Disney, I taught there on-site for about a year before moving back to FL, since our home is over here.

Thanks again for stopping by...I hope you get some time to work on your own stuff as well (but without the unemployment anxiety!)

paintnpencil said...

Just found your blog on next blog thing. Am so glad I did, I really love your sketches, they're great.

david mar said...


Thank you very much...I'm glad you enjoyed them! Like that bird head study on your site!

Anthony Lawson said...

Love these...I've always been jealous of sketching like this. It's seems so cathartic to be able to just sit with pencil and paper and create something like that.

david mar said...

Thank you, Anthony. Glad you've enjoyed them...Spring Break is always a good excuse to do some work that doesn't feel like work. ...Your black and white photos are really nice - at first I thought perhaps you were using a TLR.