Thursday, December 22, 2011


Some work from the NYMOMA and the BU faculty show. Saw the DeKooning show; Chuck Close was reported to have been in the building though I didn't see him. Favorite DeKoonings were the early women paintings from around '49-50 as well as the abstractions such as the 1955 Gotham News - books and photos just aren't the same. ...was assisting for Dana Clancy's beginning drawing class in which Giacometti gets shown quite a bit...Showing a certain family resemblance to Richard Ryan is an Amédée Ozenfant at top. Red and Yellow Cross, North Branch, by John Walker. PEOPLE [HI], by Dana Frankfort.

a re-worked older piece plus a work-in-progress

Top one is a work-in-progress (though on hold for now).