Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Super Moon

Snapshot of Sunday's supermoon as seen from Beacon Street.

Monday, May 07, 2012

BU Thesis Show Books

These are books that were produced for our seminar class.  They were meant as an artist's version of the typical gallery binder (with artist's statement, CV, etc.).  There were no specifications for the book though it was suggested that we use photocopies to create the book and that we make enough for our classmates and some of our professors.

Trip to Wingate and Richard Ryan's

Some photos from a trip to Wingate Studio and Richard Ryan's open studio / BBQ.  The day started out with a somewhat dreary sky, but the weather turned out beautiful later on.  The harsh winter last year, I think, left all of the grass brown the last time I went out here.  Wingate had some prints out from Richard's Barbados etchings which accompanied a poem by Frederick Seidel.  There were also portfolios of prints by Robert Motherwell, Louise Bourgeois, Wayne Thiebaud, and some more recent ones by Aaron Noble.  Richard has been doing softly contrasting gray landscape paintings lately, though the gourd still life setup was there from last year.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sidewalk chalk drawings

The Museum of Fine Arts' "Art in Bloom" show had a concurrent event where children and their parents were invited to draw in the chalk square outlines.  A few of us from the grad program were asked to make drawings to start the event - these are a few of the ones I made.  Roya did the shadow drawing.  I did the Rothko one with the flower after hearing John Walker's story about Rothko getting upset that a vase of flowers was set up in front of his painting.  I did the top right drawing of the flower after a child's drawing on the left.  Someone stepped on my drawing though.