Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YashicaMat Pics

A few recent photos taken with my YashicaMat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist Recipes

Lately I've been making recipes from artists as described in Frank Fedele's book, The Artist's Palate.  So far (from top to bottom) are: deKooning's Traditional Dutch Breakfast, Marisol's Nabeyaki Udon, Vincent van Gogh's Bread, Cheese, and Absinthe (not real absinthe pictured), and Paul Klee's Sun-Whirl Salad (real salad).  2nd to the bottom is Robert Motherwell's Late Supper of liverwurst and bread.  Fortunately I added a salad, because the liverwurst was awful.   Following are recreations of the lunch served to Peter Ornstein by Edward and Jo Hopper, Meret Oppenheim's Courtyard Garden Breakfast.  After Oppenheim's breakfast is Louise Bourgeois' Linguini 'n' Cheese, selzter, with coffee ice cream for dessert. Last three are Alex Katz's Salmon Coulibiac, Sandro Chia's Vegetarian Lasagna, and Mark Rothko's Birthday Apple Pie.